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We have a passion for moving humanity forward. We dare to ask what will life be like in the future and then do work that matters to move Africa in that direction.  

As a group, Rethaka brings a truly exceptional vision to lead the transition towards the circular economy in Africa through sustainable operations in the waste management, manufacturing, fashion and media industries. Our desire to serve, innovate and remain creative in all our pursuits sees us building a new breed of businesses that celebrate Africa’s diverse heritage while carving out a space of relevance in the modern world.

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Our pursuit to translate our vision of “Resourcing Africa’s future” into reality is a distinctively refined art that is anchored in three fundamental values.

Articulated by Thato Kgatlhanye since the Group was founded and shared by all at Rethaka, these three pillars inspire higher levels of excellence and performance while on our journey of achieving long-term success and building a legacy.



To be the best in the world at what we do asks that we are an agile organization that constantly strives to embody excellence. Our entrepreneurial spirit is inspired by the drive to bring our African heritage to the modern world in an elevated and timeless way. This requires us to have audacious objectives and relentlessly innovate on our journey to achieving our long-term vision. We work as catalysts, share knowledge, innovate and lead by example to translate our vision into reality.



We have made thinking different about sustainability a strategic priority in our DNA since our founding. We believe in having a considered creative and circular approach that takes into account the welfare of people, and the planet. Whether it's our considered processes or manufacturing products made with innovative regenerated or creatively upcycled materials, we are all about creating brands that design with circularity and sustainability in mind and ultimately do meaningful work.



We seek to serve people and the planet in all that we do as this is the driving force behind the Group’s long-term success. Craftsmanship lies at the heart of what we do and we are proud to invest resources into the communities that we operate in through social initiatives that yield tangible, long-lasting social impact. For us, having high quality offerings lies in building purpose-driven brands that celebrate exceptional artisanal skills that adhere to fair trade principles.





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Right from the creation of Rethaka, our holistic approach to achieving social impact while maintaining commercial growth has been a key component to growing in a sustainable way.

Our commitment to philanthropy that works has been anchored on systemically solving problems in innovative ways to ensure access to education by children, the empowerment of women and the sustainability of the environment.